Track Management (TMS)

Undercarriage Management Program

Correctly managing the undercarriage of your excavators and crawler dozers is critical to their service life and productivity. A "Run to Destruction" approach is not always the best option. Based on your machine's application and the amount and type of wear, your Distributor can develop an appropriate undercarriage management program to better schedule necessary service.

Regular undercarriage inspections and timely replacement and repair will help extend the life of the undercarriage, increase productivity, reduce downtime, and reduce the machine's cost per hour.

Faster, Easier Inspections and the Right Recommendations

Komatsu's Ultrasonic Measurement Tool makes undercarriage inspections quick and easy by providing access to hard-to-measure locations. It uses sound waves to precisely measure the thickness of undercarriage components and stores the data for evaluation. A Komatsu-trained expert, equipped with TMS, can take all required measurements and accurately determine wear. Based on this data and other critical factors, he can make the appropriate recommendations for your machines and your working environment.

TMS assures you:
  • Thorough inspection of undercarriage systems
  • Easy measurement of hard-to-reach areas
  • Accurate determination of wear on parts
  • Extended undercarriage life
  • Optimum machine cost per hour
  • Data storage for analysis

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Track Management (TMS)